Warning: Avoid doing this one thing while on vacation

An expert has issued a warning about a common holiday mistake that could end up costing you a significant amount of money. As many people prepare to embark on their summer vacations, they are being bombarded with travel tips and warnings to avoid costly errors. One such mistake involves how you choose to pay for items while you are abroad, such as cocktails, tapas, or souvenirs.

If you are using a card to make purchases during your holiday, you may come across a question on whether to pay in your home currency (GBP) or in the local currency of the country you are visiting. It might seem trivial, but this decision could make a big difference in terms of cost.

According to money saving expert Martin Lewis, opting to pay in pounds while traveling could lead to poor conversion rates, resulting in higher expenses. On the other hand, if you choose to pay in the local currency, your card will handle the conversion, often at a near-perfect rate.

Money.co.uk advises that paying in a different currency than the one where you are staying could result in additional fees. Retailers may offer to convert your transaction into pounds, but it is recommended to decline and proceed with the local currency option. This way, you can avoid being subject to unfavorable exchange rates imposed by the retailer.

Whether you are shopping or using ATMs abroad, it is crucial to pay in the local currency to prevent incurring extra costs. By following this simple rule, you can potentially save money and avoid unnecessary fees on your vacation. Remember, when asked whether you want to pay in pounds or local currency, always choose the local currency for a smoother and more cost-effective payment experience.