“What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from the ATM at my bank?”

The banking system offers a variety of financial products designed for the convenience of users, with digital channels allowing for easy access to services such as balance inquiries, transfers, and more. While electronic payments have become increasingly popular, physical cash is still widely used in businesses and among individuals who prefer to conduct transactions in person. ATMs serve as a convenient solution for accessing cash anytime and anywhere.

Each bank has its own withdrawal limit, with the minimum amount usually starting at S/20. Different banks, such as BCP, Interbank, and Scotiabank, have varying maximum withdrawal limits, providing customers with flexibility in accessing their funds.

For example, at BCP ATMs, customers can withdraw up to S/3,000 or 0 during the day, with the limit decreasing to S/500 or 0 during late-night hours. Similarly, BBVA ATMs allow for maximum withdrawals of S/3,000 or 0 during the day, with a decreased limit of S/1,900 or 0 during nighttime hours.

At Banco de la Nación ATMs, customers can make withdrawals of up to S/3,000 per operation through Multired ATMs and up to S/2,000 through agents. Scotiabank sets a withdrawal limit of 0 per operation for debit cards, with the option for users to adjust their daily limit through the bank’s physical branches, mobile application, or website.

To determine if an ATM is out of service, customers can check for signs or messages on the screen, attempt a transaction, or contact the bank’s customer service line for assistance. Monitoring the bank’s website or mobile application can also provide information on the status of the ATM. If other customers are successfully using the ATM, it is likely operational.