‘Women Fellows Unite to Build a Brighter Future of Health and Empowerment’

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are proud to shine a light on the Unspoken Smiles Women Fellows. These remarkable women are not only changing smiles but also shaping futures by providing dental health education and services, especially in underserved communities throughout the Americas.

Unspoken Smiles believes that quality dental care is a basic right, not a privilege, and has become a beacon of hope and change under the leadership of its dedicated fellows. One standout leader is Dra. Laura Fernandez, whose journey from dental technician to a champion of affordable dental care embodies the spirit of the Women Fellows program.

Laura’s dedication to sustainable dental care has not only transformed many lives but has also inspired women and girls to take on leadership roles in their communities. Through her co-founding of a denture clinic, she has bridged a crucial gap in oral healthcare, offering dignity and hope to those affected by socio-economic challenges. Her work, along with that of other Unspoken Smiles Fellows, demonstrates the significant impact one person’s commitment can have on a community’s well-being.

During Women’s History Month, we honor the collective efforts of the Unspoken Smiles Women Fellows. Led by professionals like Laura, these women are dedicated to creating a world where everyone can access life-changing dental care. Their work is more than just a promise; it is proof of the strength and influence of women leaders who are working towards a healthier and more equitable future.

Laura’s story is just one of many inspiring narratives within the Unspoken Smiles Fellowship, showcasing resilience, innovation, and empowerment. While we celebrate their accomplishments, we also recognize the ongoing challenges they face. It is the unwavering spirit and dedication of these women that continue to push progress forward, inspiring a new generation to face challenges with confidence and determination.

Join us in applauding the Unspoken Smiles Women Fellows, a group of pioneering individuals who are not only restoring smiles but also reshaping global health and community leadership. Here’s to the women who see obstacles as opportunities and envision a world full of possibilities.