‘100,000 centralized exchange users eligible for EGP token airdrop by Eigenpie company’

Eigenpie, a liquid staking protocol, has exciting news for 100,000 Web3 wallet users. The project has announced an EGP token airdrop for users on popular centralized exchanges like Binance and OKX.

Eigenpie, a SubDAO protocol focused on managing digital assets, particularly Ethereum Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) like EIGEN, is rewarding stakers with points. Recently, Eigenpie introduced a staking program to incentivize EIGEN token stakers with points.

The EGP token airdrop is set to benefit 100,000 active Web3 wallet users on Binance and OKX. This airdrop will see 1% of the total EGP token supply distributed to eligible exchange users. Distribution will be based on a ratio of 60% for Binance users and 40% for OKX users, with specific criteria for eligibility.

Eigenpie also encourages EIGEN holders to delegate their tokens to the SubDAO and earn 1 Eigen Point per 100 EIGEN tokens delegated every hour. These Eigen Points will be essential for users to qualify for the upcoming EGP token airdrop.

The protocol allows for a straightforward process to undelegate tokens, making it attractive for stakers. However, investors are advised to conduct their own research before staking tokens with Eigenpie to ensure informed decisions.

In summary, Eigenpie’s EGP token airdrop and staking program are innovative initiatives aimed at growing the project’s community and rewarding active participants. Stakeholders in the cryptocurrency space are encouraged to stay updated on Eigenpie’s developments for potential opportunities.