High-Efficiency Perovskite Modules Introduced by RenShine Solar

RenShine Solar has set a new efficiency standard in the solar industry with its 150MW perovskite project. The company has completed the project, achieving an impressive 18.4% efficiency with its commercial size single-junction perovskite module. RenShine Solar plans to step up its game by aiming for mass production of 1.2m*0.6m perovskite modules with an even higher efficiency of 20% by mid-2024. Additionally, the company is looking to develop gigawatt-scale production lines to expand its capacity.

The large perovskite modules produced by RenShine Solar are designed for various applications including power plants, distributed photovoltaics, and building-integrated photovoltaics. The company is committed to advancing solar technology and will be upgrading the project in the future to produce even more efficient full perovskite laminated module products.

RenShine Solar’s ambitious goals for perovskite module efficiency and production capacity highlight its dedication to innovation and sustainability in the solar energy sector. This development is a significant step towards mass production of high-performance solar modules by 2024.