‘Collaboration for Empowering Web3 Users: UXLINK Teams Up with OKX Web3 Wallet for $UXLINK Airdrop Campaign’

Singapore – May 13, 2024 – UXLINK, a cutting-edge Web3 and social infrastructure platform, has revealed its partnership with OKX Web3 Wallet to launch an extensive marketing campaign. Scheduled to kick off on May 10th, 2024, the campaign will grant eligible users exclusive access to UXLINK NFT whitelist benefits associated with $UXLINK token airdrops. This collaboration will also involve joint airdrops across more than 50 projects within the UXLINK ecosystem.

OKX Web3 Wallet, known for its secure, decentralized, and multi-chain wallet services, offers users access to over 1,000 dApp protocols. With features like multi-chain and cross-chain DEX, yield farming, NFT marketplace, and dApp discovery, users can seamlessly navigate the Web3 universe. The wallet’s compatibility with various networks ensures a smooth user experience across different decentralized offerings like Ethereum, Arbitrum, OKC, BSC, and Aptos.

As a leading Web3 and social infrastructure platform globally, UXLINK is reshaping social engagement in the Web3 era with over 5 million registered users and nearly 100,000 active groups. With 1 million daily active users on its dApp and 200,000 daily active users on-chain, UXLINK continues to lead the way in Web3 social engagement.

The collaborative efforts of UXLINK’s expansive social infrastructure and OKX’s robust wallet functionalities open up new possibilities in the DeFi world. Through joint airdrops across multiple projects within the UXLINK ecosystem, this partnership aims to foster innovation and cooperation in the Web3 community, highlighting the transformative potential of collaboration in the Web3 space.

This strategic partnership between UXLINK and OKX is poised to deliver significant benefits to users, enhancing their Web3 experience and serving as a gateway to explore the vast potential of decentralized finance. By emphasizing community-driven initiatives and alliances, this partnership is instrumental in shaping the future landscape of Web3 and driving positive global change.

UXLINK serves as the largest Web3 social platform and infrastructure for users and developers to explore, distribute, and trade crypto assets in unique socialized and group-based ways.

For more information, visit:
UXLINK Website: https://www.uxlink.io/
UXLINK Twitter: https://twitter.com/UXLINKofficial
UXLINK Telegram: https://t.me/uxlinkofficial

Contact Details:
UXLINK Web: https://www.uxlink.io/
UXLINK Twitter: https://twitter.com/UXLINKofficial
UXLINK Telegram: https://t.me/uxlinkofficial