2024 – Limited-time offer: Revolut’s 80 euro bonus for salary direct deposit

Revolut, the neobank that has expanded its services beyond traditional banking, recently announced a bonus offer for new customers. To be eligible for this bonus, new customers must meet two conditions. First, they must deposit at least €1,400 per month into their Revolut account. Second, they need to conduct a minimum of three transactions per month using this account. Once these criteria are met, the bonus will be paid out in four installments of €20 each at the end of every month.

It is important to note that customers can receive these bonuses even with a completely free account. By offering this salary domiciliation bonus, Revolut aims to increase the adoption of its services as the primary account for French users. This move reflects Revolut’s commitment to providing innovative and enticing offers to attract and retain customers in the highly competitive online banking market.

Nicolas Moalic, the Head of Growth France at Revolut, shared that the neobank is experiencing remarkable growth in France. He highlighted a significant rise in the number of customers choosing Revolut as their main account. This trend has been fueled by the introduction of various everyday banking products over the past year, including consumer credit, joint accounts, and flexible accounts that offer daily interest on savings.

Looking ahead, Revolut promises to introduce more exciting features in France, such as real estate credit. These developments demonstrate Revolut’s dedication to enhancing its offerings and staying ahead of the curve in the financial services industry. With its strategic bonus program and ongoing product innovations, Revolut is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and attract a larger customer base in France.