A smartphone future without apps – Phandroid

Deutsche Telekom is challenging the concept of smartphone ecosystems at MWC 2024 with its new AI T-phone. The collaboration between the carrier, Qualcomm, and Brain has resulted in a concept phone that operates solely on AI, eliminating the need for traditional apps.

In the past, the idea of a phone without apps would have seemed laughable, but advancements in AI technology in recent years have made it a realistic possibility. Our reliance on apps stems from the fact that without them, our smartphones have limited capabilities. However, with the progress made by OpenAI and Google in the field of AI, there are now opportunities to utilize technology in ways that don’t require traditional apps.

Samsung is also exploring the potential of AI in smartphones with its Galaxy S24 series. While AI capabilities in smartphones are still in their early stages, there is significant potential for growth. Deutsche Telekom has highlighted examples of how AI could revolutionize everyday tasks such as shopping, sharing media, and travel recommendations.

The prospect of living in a future without apps is uncertain, but the Deutsche Telekom T-phone proposal is certainly intriguing. It opens up possibilities for a new era of smartphone technology that relies solely on AI for functionality.