Balancing Diabetes with Plant-Based Foods to Improve Health

Balancing Act: Plant-Based Foods for Healing Diabetes

Navigating the world of health advice can often feel like a maze, but co-authors of “Healing Diabetes and other Lifestyle Diseases – Cooking Africa’s Plant-Based Whole Foods” are offering a new way out. During a recent reader engagement event with the Cape Times, Ian Macfarlane touched on the benefits of the new Ubuntu Wellness recipe book.

This special book draws on traditional plant-based cuisines of Africa, providing not only healthy recipes but also a message of empowerment for individuals and communities. Described by Dr. Will Tuttle as “a nourishing African love-letter to the world,” the book aims to promote healthy lifestyles and combat chronic conditions.

The authors are passionate about their mission, offering not just a cookbook but a potential pathway to reversing chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes. By following local recipes that are quick, convenient, and affordable, families can prepare meals for as little as R15 per person.

Macfarlane emphasizes the importance of medical supervision when making major lifestyle changes, especially for those looking to reduce or cease medications. While reversing chronic illnesses like diabetes takes time and discipline, the book provides personal stories, scientific evidence, and a comprehensive wellness plan to guide readers.

With a 21-day program and easy-to-follow recipes like sweet mielie meal porridge with mixed berries and banana, “Healing Diabetes” offers a practical solution for those on a health journey. The book is available on and Exclusive Books, offering hope for a healthier future for all.