BitFrontier and CalChip Connect team up to access 185K new customers.

BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc., a key player in the crypto mining hardware and liquid immersion hosting center industry, has recently established a new sales channel partnership with CalChip Connect.

CalChip Connect is a prominent distributor of IoT Network Solutions that distributes a variety of IoT products globally. These products are deployed as distributed nodes forming a network, much like the growth of cellular phone providers in the early 1990s. This ownership model involves distributed ownership, with network nodes being rewarded through proof of work (POW), mirroring the operation of crypto miners.

Known for its technically savvy customer base and understanding of distributed models, CalChip recognizes the value in early node adoption. The company successfully sold million worth of Helium miners last year and is now transitioning to full crypto offerings. However, acquiring ASIC Miners equipment for cryptographic mining can be challenging and likened to the “wild west.” To address this issue, CalChip has partnered with BFCH/ASIC Miners US, leveraging direct manufacturer relationships and an expert procurement team to streamline logistics.

Andrew Gilton, CEO of BFCH, noted that the partnership is mutually beneficial, allowing BFCH to provide overseas logistical support while enabling CalChip to expand its sales channel without increasing headcount.

With over 185,000 customers, an active email subscriber list of 88,000, and more than 400,000 quarterly website visits, CalChip Connect is well-positioned to offer and support ASIC Miners as part of its product line.

Jason Giuliano, CEO of CalChip Connect, expressed excitement about helping customers delve into ASIC deployments as the crypto industry aligns with distributed IoT networking for exponential growth.

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In conclusion, this collaboration signifies a strategic move for both companies to strengthen their positions in the competitive crypto mining and hosting industry.