‘Bold introduces new business account with Mastercard’

Bold, a fintech company, is set to launch its new Bold Account linked to a Mastercard business card in the coming months. This digital and free offering will enhance financial management tools for businesses of all sizes. The account offers instant receipt of sales revenue, free transfers between Bold accounts, and compatibility with national bank transfers and Mastercard ATMs.

The Bold Account is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Colombia, where access to personalized financial products is often limited. CEO and founder of Bold, José Vélez, highlighted the inclusivity of the product, stating that it is designed for all entrepreneurs, whether or not they have a formally established company. The account and associated debit card provide a centralized financial control hub, simplifying management for business owners.

Benefits of the Bold Account include free transfers within the Bold system, withdrawals at any Mastercard ATM, and additional services such as Efecty withdrawals and PSE account top-ups. Those interested in this new offering can join a waiting list through the updated Bold apps for iOS and Android. Bold aims to attract over 10,000 sign-ups by the end of May.

This launch is part of Bold’s commitment to providing affordable and efficient financial services to underserved SMEs in Colombia. The company is dedicated to making financial management easier and more accessible for businesses in the region.