‘Cast Revealed for Make Me Production at Norfolk & Norwich Festival’

HighTide has announced the full casting for the first reading of “Make Me” as part of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival on May 16. Directed by Blythe Stewart, the reading will feature Hannah Balogun as Tia, Meg Salter as Emily, and Cathy Sole as Alex in Molly’s humorous play about leadership, heroes, and the challenges faced by schoolteachers.

Written by Molly Naylor, this new play will be presented at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival this May. Naylor has collaborated with the festival’s engagement and participation team to workshop the play in High School drama classes before bringing it to life with the professional cast.

In partnership with the National Youth Theatre (NYT), “Make Me” aims to provide vital stage experience to young emerging actors. The play will rehearse in NYT’s new state-of-the-art facilities before its debut in Norwich.

Set in a struggling school in Ipswich, “Make Me” follows the story of Emily, a drama teacher with a savior complex, and the students she is determined to help.

The reading will last for approximately 90 minutes, followed by an optional 30-minute Q&A session. For more information, visit the HighTide website.