‘City of Ann Arbor encourages businesses to become more sustainable with new Green Business Challenge’

The Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations (OSI) has announced the launch of a Green Business Challenge (GBC) aimed at engaging Ann Arbor businesses interested in pursuing sustainability initiatives. In partnership with Ann Arbor SPARK, businesses can participate in the four-and-half-month challenge across various categories such as energy conservation, water conservation, resilience, and education. Upon completion of the challenge, businesses can earn a GBC certification at bronze, silver, gold, or platinum levels.

OSI Director Missy Stults highlighted the importance of supporting local businesses to support the community. The program’s launch on May 7 attracted interest from businesses in different industries looking to adopt eco-friendly practices. Participating businesses not only have the opportunity to earn certification but also receive recognition for year-over-year improvements in GBC categories.

Stults emphasized that the GBC is open to all Ann Arbor business owners, regardless of their experience with sustainability initiatives. The program is designed as a pilot, with plans to continuously accept new businesses and recertify previous participants at higher levels over time.

Business owners interested in participating in the Green Business Challenge can find more information and register on the challenge’s website or reach out to Sustainability@a2gov.org with any questions. The aim of the program is to nurture, support, and recognize local businesses while creating a movement towards sustainability across all industries in Ann Arbor.

The GBC presents an opportunity for businesses to contribute to a more sustainable community and receive recognition for their efforts. For more solutions-based reporting and stories like this, sign up to receive updates in your inbox each week.