Colorful Vertical Facade at a Building in Tokyo

The cityscape of Tokyo has been forever changed by the stunning transformation of a once unremarkable office building into the awe-inspiring Vertical Rainbow Office Building, a masterpiece designed by SAKO Architects. This architectural wonder breaks free from traditional design norms, standing tall as a beacon of creativity, individuality, and a burst of vibrant colors.

Formerly known as a “pencil building,” the structure now houses the headquarters of Musashi Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. The building’s bold exterior serves as a canvas, showcasing an array of colors that symbolize the paint company’s dedication to offering a diverse palette of hues to its customers.

Photographs of the Vertical Rainbow Office Building, captured by Koji Fujii, offer a glimpse of the building’s striking facade and interior. The exterior views showcase the building’s rainbow frontage in all its glory, while the interior shots reveal a modern space with white walls adorned with art in white and red hues.

This architectural marvel is not just a building but a reflection of innovation and forward-thinking design. The Vertical Rainbow Office Building stands as a testament to creativity and serves as a bold statement in an otherwise conventional urban landscape.