Compact EV Concept Features Built-In Skateboard Storage in Driver Door

Fiat Unveils Five Eye-Catching EV Concepts at Geneva Motor Show

Fiat recently showcased its innovative approach to electric vehicle design at the Geneva Motor Show, revealing five exciting EV concepts. One of these concepts is specifically crafted for urban commuting and includes a unique compartment for storing your skateboard. This city-centric EV boasts a “self-winding cable” for easy charging and enough space to accommodate weekend getaways with the family.

In addition to the City Car concept, Fiat presented the Pick-Up, Fastback, SUV, and Camper EV models, each tailored for different purposes. While these models may not resemble traditional Fiats, they are all based on the automaker’s compact hybrid city car platform. Fiat plans to use common parts across these models to streamline manufacturing and ultimately make them more affordable for consumers.

The Pick-Up model draws inspiration from the popular Fiat Strada in Brazil, featuring a truck bed for transporting outdoor gear. The Fastback model appeals to those seeking a sportier option, while the SUV is designed to accommodate families and their luggage. The Camper model reimagines the original Panda concept from the 1980s, boasting an extra-large design with a rooftop sleeping tent for camping enthusiasts.

The first production model from this electrified Panda lineup is set to be unveiled on July 11 in Turin, Italy, with additional models planned for release annually until 2027. While prices have not been disclosed yet, it is expected that these concepts will be priced higher than the compact 500e model, which starts at ,500.

As these designs are still in the conceptual stage, the final production models may differ from what was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. However, Fiat’s commitment to electrification and innovative design hints at an exciting future for EV enthusiasts.