‘Company Reveals 5G Chipset and Human AI to Tech Industry Worldwide’

Viettel Group made a significant impact at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024) in Barcelona, Spain. During the opening ceremony, the company unveiled its highly anticipated 5G chipset and AI Human known as Vi An. These innovations are just two of the 17 groundbreaking products showcased by Viettel at the event, marking the 7th consecutive year the company has participated as Vietnam’s sole technology representative.

Aligned with the event’s theme of Future First, Viettel’s products are divided into four key categories: network infrastructure, cloud computing infrastructure, digital platforms, and future technologies. These products were displayed in a space themed S-Nation booth, representing Smart, Sustainable, and the essence of Vietnam.

One of the highlights of Viettel’s showcase was the introduction of their in-house developed 5G DFE chip, boasting impressive computing power of 1 trillion operations per second. This chip meets global 3GPP standards and rivals those of other top semiconductor companies worldwide. Additionally, Viettel presented an automated network optimization system that improves efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and resolves issues for both 5G and 4G networks.

Viettel’s cloud computing infrastructure product, Viettel Cloud, offers data storage/processing infrastructure, application development platforms, and software services. This ecosystem plays a crucial role in digital sovereignty and data infrastructure for individuals and businesses in Vietnam.

At MWC 2024, Viettel showcased a range of AI applications for various sectors, including customer interaction, financial services, and entertainment. The star of the show was AI Human – Vi An, the first human AI from Vietnam, offering a unique user interface for artificial intelligence.

Moreover, Viettel’s Digital Financial Platform (VDFP) supports the development of digital financial applications, including offline payments for areas with limited network connectivity. The company also presented Digital Twin, a product group that creates virtual spaces using AI, IoT, and remote sensing data to optimize urban operations.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Chien, Deputy CEO of Viettel, emphasized the company’s commitment to collaborating with global technology partners to create high-quality products for customers. The Mobile World Congress MWC 2024 runs from February 26 to February 29 in Barcelona, providing a platform for tech enthusiasts to explore Viettel’s innovative products. If you’re attending the event, visit Viettel at Hall 4, Booth E30.