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Sonia Robinson: The Coach Who Guides Towards Personal Growth

Many successful entrepreneurs have transformational stories that begin with challenging childhoods, and Sonia Robinson’s journey is no different. Raised in Cork, Ireland, Sonia faced the effects of her parents’ divorce at a young age, which forced her to develop emotional intelligence and energy management skills early on.

Sonia’s drive for more in life led her to start her career at Tony & Guy, where she began her hair apprenticeship at just 15 years old. Despite becoming a mother at 17, Sonia fast-tracked her qualifications and opened her own salon by the age of 22. Inspired by the creativity, education, and luxury of inner city salons, Sonia aimed to bring the same experience to the suburbs.

After a decade of running a successful salon, Sonia felt a sense of unrest bubbling under the surface. Despite achieving financial success and material possessions, she questioned what she had sacrificed along the way and how much more she was willing to give. This introspection led her to make a bold move and transition to a new career path.

Sonia decided to pursue training in yoga and become a certified life and strategy coach. This shift not only transformed her own life but also allowed her to help others on their personal growth journeys. By letting go of guilt and people-pleasing behaviors, Sonia prioritized self-worth and aligned with her values daily.

As a coach, Sonia offers in-person and virtual coaching sessions, as well as corporate wellness events. Her goal is to guide and inspire business leaders to become their best selves by utilizing stress management techniques, motivation, and goal setting within personalized programs. Her approach focuses on creating lasting habits for her clients, ensuring that the impact extends beyond a single session.

For more information about Sonia Robinson and her coaching services, visit her website at Embrace a healthier lifestyle and connect with someone who has walked the path of personal evolution and understands its profound impact with Sonia Robinson.