Improving Lives with Food in the Middle East

MAGGI is making cooking during Ramadan easier by leveraging technology like Amazon’s Alexa. This innovative approach aligns seamlessly with the brand’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their audience and enhancing their cooking experience, especially during Ramadan.

Collaborating with Zenith, a Publicis Groupe Middle East agency, MAGGI aims to enrich lives through food. Jessy Abdulnour, Food MENA – Business Executive Officer at Nestle, and Maiada El Shahawy, Food MENA – Senior Digital Communication Manager at Nestle, discuss how technology has transformed Ramadan over the past five years.

In response to the digital transformation of Ramadan, MAGGI has evolved its brand strategy to embrace digital platforms and establish deeper connections with its audience. By implementing targeted social media advertising, interactive recipe sharing, virtual cooking tips, and classes, MAGGI has remained relevant and strengthened its brand presence during Ramadan.

Looking ahead, Maiada emphasizes the importance of brands anticipating technological changes to enhance the Ramadan experience for consumers. By leveraging Augmented Reality and AI-driven apps, brands can create immersive experiences and personalized fasting schedules to deepen engagement with consumers.

When it comes to connecting with an audience during Ramadan, Jessy advises maintaining a personal touch and understanding the needs and values of consumers. Maiada stresses the importance of consumer trust and brand authenticity, using data-driven insights responsibly to enhance digital communication while respecting privacy and preferences.

Voice-activated assistants like Alexa offer exciting opportunities for MAGGI to make its Ramadan recipes more accessible and convenient for consumers. By integrating with these technologies, MAGGI aims to provide hands-free access to recipes, personalized recommendations, and simplify the cooking process during Ramadan.

To ensure that its digital communication strategies resonate with diverse culinary preferences, MAGGI prioritizes personalization and authenticity by tailoring content to regional tastes and collaborating with local creators and influencers. By deeply understanding consumers through data analytics, MAGGI fosters a deeper connection with its audience during Ramadan.