Construction of Tesla plant in Nuevo León set to begin in March.

Tesla, the electric car magnate led by Elon Musk, is set to begin construction of its assembly plant in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo León. President Samuel García announced that the project will commence on Sunday, March 3rd, almost a year after the initial confirmation.

While details of the construction process were not disclosed during an event on Friday, García mentioned that work would begin in Terralta. The decision to move forward with the project was made a year ago when Tesla’s director confirmed the plans to build an assembly plant in Santa Catarina, a municipality near Monterrey.

The expected investment from Tesla in Nuevo León ranges from billion to billion. After weeks of speculation, Musk officially confirmed the construction of the plant on March 1, 2023. However, the company had previously delayed the project due to economic considerations, with Musk stating that construction would begin once interest rates decreased.

Despite the setback, plans are now in motion for Tesla to establish a significant presence in Nuevo León, paving the way for innovation and economic development in the region. The upcoming construction of the assembly plant signifies a milestone for the state and a strategic move by Tesla to expand its operations in Mexico.