Costa Rica partners with China to implement eco-friendly transportation.

Costa Rica Leads the Americas in EV Sales, Looks to China for Emission-Free Public Transport Solutions

Costa Rica has taken the lead in the Americas when it comes to the share of electric vehicles (EVs) in new car sales. However, despite this achievement, the tropical tourist destination still lacks emission-free public transport options. In a bid to reach its goal of carbon neutrality by the middle of this century, Costa Rica is now turning to China for increased collaboration.

China, known as the global leader in EV sales, is set to assist Costa Rica in transitioning to a more sustainable transportation system. By tapping into China’s expertise and experience in this field, Costa Rica aims to not only reduce emissions but also set an example for other countries in the region.

With China’s support, Costa Rica hopes to accelerate its efforts towards a greener future and inspire other nations to follow suit. By embracing electric vehicles and emission-free public transport solutions, Costa Rica is on track to becoming a model for sustainability in the Americas.