Determining When to Enroll in Medicare Part B

Many federal employees wonder whether they should buy Medicare Part B if they already have FEHB coverage in retirement. The monthly premium for Part B can be over 0, making it a significant expense. However, the decision ultimately rests with each individual.

While FEHB coverage combined with Medicare Part B can cover most medical needs, only a small percentage of retirees opt for Part B. Those who do typically fall into two categories: those with medical conditions where the benefits outweigh the costs, and those who want to ensure they have coverage for potential future needs.

Ultimately, the choice to purchase Medicare Part B is personal and depends on individual circumstances. If you have any questions about federal employee retirement or benefits, you can reach out to the Federal Times expert at

Reg Jones, a senior executive service member and expert on federal employee retirement issues, provides insights and advice based on his extensive experience in the field. Opinions expressed are his own.