DevOps Integration in Edge Computing Environments

Dell Technologies has unveiled an updated version of its edge computing platform, Dell NativeEdge 2.0, with a focus on simplifying programmable infrastructure provisioning using DevOps methodologies. This new version introduces declarative blueprints based on YAML files and the Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) framework. The blueprints cater to various use cases including manufacturing, retail, analytics, and Kubernetes environments.

Moreover, Dell has integrated support for virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) and UEFI Secure Boot capabilities to enforce zero-trust IT principles in edge computing platforms through hardware-based cryptography and secure storage. Additionally, Dell is offering a three-year subscription plan for NativeEdge to help reduce the overall cost of deploying edge computing platforms.

Dell’s approach involves using virtual machines designed specifically for edge computing to deliver software. IT teams can choose to deploy either monolithic applications or container-based applications on Kubernetes instances extended from Dell’s virtual machine. This setup allows automatic network connection for seamless connectivity.

Looking towards the future, Dell is exploring the application of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to manage edge computing environments using monitoring data. As organizations increasingly adopt edge computing to process data at the point of creation and consumption, the complexity of managing workloads at the network edge is expected to rise exponentially. This necessitates the adoption of DevOps practices to automate workload deployment, which may involve overcoming cultural challenges alongside technical hurdles.

With the proliferation of applications at the network edge, managing distributed software is poised to become more complex than ever before. As the capabilities of IT infrastructure evolve, organizations will face the challenge of efficiently managing a vast array of software at an unprecedented scale.