“Dinnington Chosen as Site for New Banking Hub”

Residents and businesses in Dinnington, Rotherham are set to benefit from improved access to banking services with the addition of a new banking hub in the town. The UK’s Cash Access and ATM network, LINK, made this announcement following a request from local MP, Alexander Stafford.

Banking hubs are dedicated spaces where communities can easily access personal and business banking services such as cash withdrawals, deposits, and cheque payments. These hubs are owned by Cash Access UK, funded by banks, and operated by the Post Office, aiming to bring banking services back to communities that need them.

Dinnington has been without a major High Street bank since the closure of HSBC and NatWest, prompting the need for alternative banking solutions in the area.

LINK has recommended over 100 banking hubs across the UK, including those in Rossington and Thorne, with dozens more planned to open in the coming months. These hubs are established in response to community requests or as a result of bank branch closures in specific locations.

Local representatives from major banks like NatWest and HSBC will be available at the Dinnington hub on different days, catering to the varying needs and demands of residents and businesses in the area.

Alexander Stafford, MP for Rother Valley, expressed his satisfaction with the new banking hub in Dinnington, emphasizing the importance of accessible banking services for all residents. Cllr. Julz Hall, representing the Dinnington ward, also welcomed the hub, highlighting its potential to boost foot traffic in the high street and support local businesses.

In the coming weeks, Cash Access UK will engage with the local community to identify potential sites for the hub, expected to open in about 12 months. Nick Quin, Head of Financial Inclusion at LINK, emphasized the importance of face-to-face banking services for communities that prefer cash transactions.

With the new banking hub in Dinnington on the horizon, residents and businesses can look forward to increased convenience and accessibility when it comes to their banking needs.