DJ Barry’s ‘surreal’ journey to fame and he can’t swim – Jaun Baba

Barry, also known as Mannie, has experienced a rapid rise in the music industry over the past four years. With over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, a successful tour of North America, and a nomination for his first Brit Award, Barry is on the brink of stardom.

Nominated for ‘Best Dance Act’ alongside Calvin Harris, Barry is ecstatic about the recognition he has received. He never imagined his unique blend of electronic music would earn him a spot among music’s elite at the Brit Awards ceremony on March 2.

Despite his success, Barry had doubts about pursuing a career in music. His diverse musical background, which includes playing various instruments and studying jazz, led him to fall in love with electronic music while at Edinburgh Napier University. This fusion of influences is evident in his music, which combines classical piano with afrobeats and deep house with haunting vocals.

Barry credits Spotify for much of his success, as the platform’s algorithm helped expose his music to a wider audience. He values the connection with fans at live shows, describing the experience of hearing people sing back his music as surreal.

Although based in London, Barry frequently returns to Edinburgh for a sense of nostalgia and relaxation. He finds inspiration in the city’s magic and history, often taking his girlfriend on tours to share his love for the place.

While Barry performs at major festivals around the world, he has his sights set on playing at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh for a special homecoming show. He is currently working on his second album with great excitement, prioritizing the creation of good music above all else.

As he continues to grow as an artist, Barry humorously hints at the possibility of taking swimming lessons. A sold-out gig at Glasgow’s Queen Margaret Union is the next stop on his journey, with upcoming shows detailed on his website.

Barry’s story is one of perseverance, talent, and a deep love for music. Whether performing on an international stage or at a local venue in Edinburgh, his passion for creating meaningful music shines through.