‘Volkswagen collaborates with Ecobat on EV battery recycling’

Ecobat and Volkswagen Group UK have extended their partnership to include the recycling of EV lithium-ion batteries. This collaboration builds on their existing relationship, where Ecobat has been recycling lead batteries for Volkswagen Group for the past decade.

In 2021, Ecobat inaugurated a diagnostics and disassembly center in Darlaston, where EV batteries from all over the UK are collected and analyzed for health status. These batteries are then discharged before being either re-engineered or recycled overseas. The new agreement specifies that high-voltage batteries from Volkswagen dealers, distributors, and recycling centers will be processed at the Darlaston site.

Elliott Ethridge, vice president of global sales at Ecobat, expressed his excitement about the expanded partnership, stating, “We have been recycling lead batteries for VWG UK for a decade, and we are delighted to be able to extend our relationship to recycle EV lithium-ion batteries. Our expertise in recycling and recovering scarce battery materials will benefit both Volkswagen Group and the environment.”

Formerly known as G&P Batteries, Ecobat rebranded in 2019 to align with its parent company’s name. The company has been ramping up its focus on electric vehicle battery recycling, forging partnerships with companies like Axil in July 2023. Axil offers comprehensive waste management solutions to various commercial clients, including BMW. This strategic move underscores Ecobat’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the battery recycling industry.