‘Dvara Money and Jana Small Finance Bank collaborate to enhance digital banking in India through Spark Money’

Dvara Money, a technology-driven financial solutions platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Jana Small Finance Bank Limited. This collaboration aims to combine Dvara Money’s innovative Spark Money platform with Jana SFB’s technological capabilities to enhance digital banking in Bharat.

One key aspect of this partnership is the integration of Third Party Application Providers (TPAP) capabilities into the Spark Money platform. This integration will allow customers to link their savings accounts for seamless digital transactions, including UPI functionalities like Aadhar OTP-based onboarding and credit on UPI.

Pramod Ghorpade, Co-Founder, MD & CEO of Dvara Money, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the potential to enhance the digital banking experience for their Bharat segment. This collaboration will enable Dvara Money to offer a more personalized and efficient banking experience to their customers and MSMEs.

Utilizing Jana SFB’s technological capabilities, Dvara Money will simplify the savings account opening process by incorporating Video KYC (VKYC) into the Spark Money platform. This addition will expand the platform’s reach to new geographies and user bases.

Ashish Gopal Saxena, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Jana Small Finance Bank, emphasized the partnership’s focus on making banking more accessible and user-centric through technology integration.

Overall, the collaboration between Dvara Money and Jana SFB aims to create a banking environment tailored to the diverse needs of Bharat’s customer base. By providing a simple and personalized banking experience and offering products based on customer needs, this partnership is set to enhance the financial journeys of Dvara’s customers.