Experience the latest in AI technology with Honor Magic: Searching, Chatting, and Eye Tracking in Action

Honor Magic 6 Pro: A Closer Look at the New AI Features

Honor has joined the artificial intelligence hype with its latest smartphone, the Honor Magic 6 Pro, which boasts a range of AI features. Although some of these features are not yet available on the test device and will be rolled out in the future, we were able to test out a couple of them at the MWC.

One interesting AI feature is the “Portal,” which allows users to drag and drop various content onto a sidebar to access different options. For example, you can drag a product photo onto the sidebar and see options to buy the product or share the photo on platforms like eBay and Instagram. While this feature is practical, it is not entirely revolutionary as similar functionalities have been available on other smartphones. However, there is potential for further development in the future.

Another AI feature demonstrated at MWC is the “Local LLM powered by Llama 2,” which uses a local running text-to-text model to answer a wide range of questions without sending sensitive information through the cloud. This feature proved to be interesting, although there is no specific launch date provided by Honor yet.

Additionally, the Honor Magic 6 Pro also features eye-tracking technology, allowing users to trigger specific actions by focusing their gaze through the front camera. This feature could be useful for hands-free use of the phone in certain situations.

Although these AI features show promise, it remains to be seen how they will be received by users once they are fully rolled out. What do you think of these features, and which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments if you already use similar AI functions on your current smartphone.