Ecodan Heat Pumps and Water Cylinders from Mitsubishi Electric now available at City Plumbing

Mitsubishi Electric Partners with City Plumbing to Offer Sustainable Heating Solutions

City Plumbing has announced a new collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric to stock the full range of Ecodan heat pumps and hot water cylinders. This partnership will make Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced heating solutions available to customers at over 370 branches across the UK, providing sustainable and energy-efficient options for home heating.

Mitsubishi Electric is a leader in developing innovative Ecodan air source heat pumps, including the new R290 high-temperature heat pump and hot water systems, designed with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. These heat pumps harness renewable energy to efficiently heat homes and significantly reduce carbon emissions. The Ecodan water cylinders also feature advanced insulation and heat retention properties, ensuring optimal energy efficiency for hot water storage.

By adding Ecodan heat pumps and water cylinders to its product lineup, City Plumbing aims to offer customers access to cutting-edge heating solutions that not only provide comfort but also contribute to a greener future. Scott Ditchfield, Head of Sales Network for Mitsubishi Electric’s Residential Product Group, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, highlighting the convenience of having Ecodan products readily available to City Plumbing and its nationwide branches.

Hemal Morjaria, Managing Director of City Plumbing’s Renewables and Electrical division, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and excellent customer service by being the first national plumbing and heating merchant to stock the full range of Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan products. This move aligns with their goal of providing the latest renewable technologies to support the UK’s journey to net zero carbon emissions.

Customers can explore and purchase Ecodan heat pumps and water cylinders at any of the 370+ City Plumbing and PTS branches or through their website. For more information on Ecodan products available at City Plumbing, visit their website or contact your nearest branch.