Enhancing Efficiency: Upgrading Automation Technology

As the industry transitions into a new era of warehouse automation, the need to replace aging pick-to-light (PTL) systems has become crucial for businesses looking to stay competitive. Berkshire Grey and S&H Systems have teamed up to offer a solution that not only addresses the limitations of traditional PTL technology but also drives substantial productivity gains.

Robotic Put Wall systems, the innovative alternative offered by Berkshire Grey and S&H Systems, promise to revolutionize operations in eCommerce, retail, and distribution centers. By integrating seamlessly into existing infrastructure, these automated systems deliver a range of benefits:

– 3X Labor Savings & Space Efficiency: Achieve up to 50% more throughput in 25% of the space, with approximately 3X labor savings compared to manual put walls.
– Minimal IT Impact & Rapid ROI: The plug-and-play design ensures minimal disruption to IT teams and existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), resulting in quick adoption and a rapid payback period.
– Seamless Brownfield Integration: With expertise in brownfield installations, S&H Systems guarantees risk-free integration of Berkshire Grey’s robotic solutions into any environment.
– Up to 30-40% Batch Pick Efficiency Gain: Streamline the picking process and achieve significant batch pick efficiency gains.
– Modular, Scalable Automation: Customize the solution to meet specific needs, with the flexibility to expand as the business grows.

This webinar aims to provide real-world insights and strategies to address the pain points associated with outdated PTL systems. Attendees will learn how to integrate robotic put walls with existing WMS, discover success stories of PTL replacement, understand the benefits of modular automation, and gain insights into overcoming integration challenges in brownfield projects.

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