“Exploring the Relationship Between AI and Human Interaction through Behavioral Science”

Generative AI is on track to revolutionize artificial intelligence, with the potential to bring about significant advancements in technology. However, for generative AI to truly fulfill its promise, brands must prioritize a human-centered approach. Understanding human behavior and decision-making lies at the heart of this evolution, making behavioral science a key component in leveraging generative AI to enhance interactions between humans and AI systems.

By integrating best practices in behavioral science into generative AI tools such as chatbot responses and advisor coaching tools, brands can create personalized customer experiences that drive desirable behaviors. This approach has the potential to yield improved business outcomes, including enhancements in metrics such as average handling time (AHT), customer satisfaction, self-service adoption, and sales revenue. Furthermore, the intersection of generative AI and behavioral science holds the promise of boosting productivity, enhancing quality, and enabling scalability in enhancing the overall customer experience.