“Film-Inspired Design at Apartment West by Studio Den Den”

Studio Den Den, a New York-based design firm, recently completed their Apartment West project in Brooklyn, New York, overlooking the East River. The firm drew inspiration from cinematic parallels to create a unique residential space that evokes a range of emotions.

The apartment is staged with a mixture of Andersonian hues, Scandinavian design elements, and personal artifacts from the homeowners. Each vignette within the space is carefully curated to create feelings of relief, comfort, curiosity, excitement, and even suspense.

Featuring eclectic artwork, natural woods, anthropomorphic accessories, and vibrant colors, the 2,100-square-foot apartment serves as a theater for living. The space is transformed with Kelly Wearstler paints from Farrow & Ball and custom wallcoverings by Calico Wallpaper.

To see more of Studio Den Den’s work, visit their website. Photography for the project was done by J.R. Coffin of Studio Den Den. The firm’s approach to design highlights the importance of incorporating space within narrative themes, set dressing, and a thoughtful color story in architectural projects.