‘GME stock surges 54% triggering circuit breaker after RoaringKitty makes a comeback’

GameStop’s GME stocks triggered a circuit breaker today after a 54% rise, signaling high volatility in the market. This surge is attributed to the return of RoaringKitty, also known as Keith Gill, on social media this week after a three-year absence from public appearances.

Keith Gill, a former financial analyst, gained fame for boosting GameStop stock prices in late 2020 by promoting it as undervalued on platforms like X and YouTube under the alias RoaringKitty. The resurgence of RoaringKitty has once again influenced the market, with meme coins on Solana associated with GameStop and RoaringKitty experiencing significant price jumps in the past six hours.

Among these meme coins, GaemStap (GME) has risen by a staggering 1,957%, while Kith gil (GIL) has increased by 1,960% in the same timeframe. DeepF*ckingValue (ROAR) and RoaringKitty (KITTY) tokens have also seen impressive gains, with the latter showing the most substantial growth at 11,045%.

The market’s reaction to RoaringKitty’s return reflects the ongoing influence of social media personalities on stock trends and cryptocurrency markets. The surge in meme coins tied to GameStop and RoaringKitty highlights the power of online communities and their ability to impact financial markets in real time.