Revolutionizing Online and Mobile Banking for a New Washington State Bank

New Washington State Bank (NWSB), a well-established community financial institution in Southern Indiana, has recently announced its collaboration with Apiture to enhance its digital banking services. NWSB has decided to utilize Apiture’s Digital Banking Platform, in addition to implementing the company’s Account Opening and Data Intelligence solutions. This strategic partnership aims to streamline customer onboarding processes, enable faster account opening, and offer personalized marketing campaigns to customers.

Apiture, based in Wilmington, North Carolina, made its debut at FinovateFall 2022, showcasing its innovative solutions. The CEO of Apiture, Chris Babcock, highlighted the platform’s ability to integrate with over 200 fintech partners and provide an intuitive banking experience that aligns with the expectations of modern customers. The decision to transition to a unified platform for online and mobile banking operations reflects NWSB’s commitment to delivering a seamless digital experience to its customers.

By leveraging Apiture’s Account Opening solution, NWSB customers can open and fund accounts within minutes, while the Data Intelligence solution enables the bank to create personalized campaigns for enhanced customer engagement. Chris Bottorff, Chief Strategy Officer at NWSB, emphasized the importance of providing a cohesive digital experience to improve the financial well-being of the communities served by the bank. The partnership with Apiture is seen as a valuable opportunity to enhance customer engagement and attract new clientele.

In addition to its collaboration with NWSB, Apiture recently partnered with Edwards Federal Credit Union and Redwood Capital Bank, demonstrating the growing demand for its innovative digital banking solutions. With million in funding and support from investors like T. Rowe Price and Live Oak Bank, Apiture is poised to continue driving innovation in the fintech industry.

Overall, the partnership between NWSB and Apiture represents a significant step towards delivering enhanced digital banking experiences to customers in Southern Indiana. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, both companies are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of today’s digital banking landscape.