‘New Release of Elastic Stack Version 8.13.1’

The Elastic Stack has just released version 8.13.1, with a recommendation for users to upgrade to the latest version. This update includes a crucial fix for a bug that affected clusters running version 8.10 or higher with active downsampling configurations. The bug prevented clusters from upgrading to version 8.13.0, as Elasticsearch nodes on this version were unable to join the cluster.

The issue stemmed from an unversioned change to the wire format of DownsampleShardTaskParams persistent tasks in an effort to support unlimited dimensions per time-series index through TSID hashing. This specific type of persistent task was introduced in version 8.10.

For a comprehensive list of changes and details on the issues that have been addressed in this release, users are encouraged to refer to the release notes on Elastic’s website.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements from the Elastic Stack team.