‘Grant Awarded to Washington for Acquisition of 9,700 Acres of Forestland in Central Cascades’

Washington Secures .3 Million Federal Grant for Forestland Purchase

The state of Washington has successfully secured a .3 million federal grant to acquire nearly 10,000 acres of forestland situated around the headwaters of the Yakima River, near Cle Elum. The Department of Natural Resources is set to oversee the management of the land once the sale is finalized. In addition to the federal grant, .7 million in state matching funds have been earmarked for the acquisition.

While plans for the use of the land include a combination of recreation, conservation, and logging, the specifics of how the land will be utilized are still being determined. There are several more steps that need to be taken before the purchase can be completed.

One of the main objectives of acquiring this forestland is to reduce the risk of forest fires. Years of fire suppression have resulted in densely packed trees and vegetation that can easily become dry and inflammable during the summer months.

This initiative aligns with the state’s efforts to protect its natural resources and preserve the environment for future generations. The acquisition of this forestland in the central Cascades region will not only benefit the ecosystem but also provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and sustainable forestry practices.

For more information on this grant award, visit the Washington State Standard website.