‘Healthcare Company TELUS Expands Services to Ontario’

TELUS Health has recently been awarded a contract by Ontario Health after a competitive bidding process. The contract involves providing healthcare tools to providers and establishing a robust remote care management (RCM) solution.

TELUS Health, a global provider of preventative care services and solutions in over 160 countries, has already made significant investments in Ontario. This includes the development of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and the operation of Good Mobile Clinics, which offer healthcare and mental health support to the homeless population in the province.

The RCM solution to be implemented in Ontario will be the largest of its kind in Canada. It will focus on seamless integration, privacy, and security to enable early detection of patients in need of intervention, reduce hospital admissions, and enhance patient outcomes.

Martin Bélanger, Managing Director of Payor and Provider Solutions at TELUS Health, expressed excitement about the new initiative. He stated, “TELUS Health will create a standardized remote patient monitoring solution that aligns with our shared commitment to advancing access to healthcare services across Ontario….TELUS Health is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive and scalable program that is consistent and efficient, offering improved health outcomes for both patients and clinicians.”

The implementation of this new initiative by TELUS Health is expected to take place later this year. With a focus on advancing access to healthcare services and improving patient outcomes, this partnership between TELUS Health and Ontario Health is set to make a significant impact in the healthcare sector.