How Time Management Tools Can Bring Joy and Connection to You

Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of work, school, and an internship, 22-year-old Brandon decided to make a change. Seeking to reduce stress, improve his time management, and connect with others, he turned to the Thrive app in December.

Brandon started by creating a schedule in a sketchbook to plan his week ahead. By prioritizing tasks and focusing on high priority assignments in the morning when his mind was fresh, he found tasks easier to accomplish without distractions.

To lower his stress levels, Brandon made sure to carve out time for workouts at the gym every morning. Tracking his progress and listening to EDM for motivation, he found that working out with a friend helped him stay accountable and push himself to do his best.

Instead of opting for fast food, Brandon started planning his meals by prepping healthy options like salmon with veggies or chicken wraps. This saved him time and allowed him to worry less about cooking.

Recognizing the importance of sleep in his busy life, Brandon implemented microsteps like setting a regular bedtime, showering in the evening, and putting his phone away. Getting seven hours of sleep each night helped him feel more recharged in the morning.

With more rest and less stress, Brandon found that he became more creative. He made time for his love of art by drawing and painting mythical creatures and architectural ideas from his imagination.

In addition to focusing on self-care, Brandon also prioritized building connections with friends and coworkers. By spending time together at the gym, playing Topgolf, and learning from older coworkers about their life experiences, he gained valuable guidance and perspective.

Through the Thrive Challenge, Brandon learned to motivate himself, hold himself accountable, and trust his intuition. By creating a routine that he enjoyed, he felt proud of his progress and excited about his future.