Increase in Average Order Value by 19% After Transition to Google Cloud

Puma Enhances Ecommerce Operations by Moving to Google Cloud

In a strategic move to boost online experiences, Puma has successfully transitioned all ecommerce operations to Google Cloud. This shift aims to deliver improved personalization and streamline data management processes for the brand.

Already, parts of Puma’s ecommerce system, including, have been migrated to Google Cloud, with plans to consolidate all global ecommerce data and workloads within the platform. Early outcomes show a 19% increase in average order value (AOV) due to enhanced content personalization and real-time access to inventory levels up to 4X faster than before.

With the consolidation of global ecommerce data onto Google Cloud, Puma strives to establish a unified data engine that offers comprehensive insights into audience engagement. This will drive faster and more accurate product personalization and promotional offers. Additionally, the move is expected to generate significant cost savings and enable efficient data exchange with internal and external platforms, vendors, and partners.

According to Pancho Ortuzar, Director of Global Ecommerce Engineering at Puma, leveraging Google Cloud’s AI and data capabilities has enhanced customer understanding and translated insights into seamless shopping experiences online and offline. The migration to Google Cloud is anticipated to accelerate Puma’s direct-to-consumer channels and contribute significantly to overall business growth.

Puma plans to leverage Google Cloud’s data, analytics, and AI solutions to enhance its online experience and facilitate innovations like generative AI shopping assistants and virtual try-on technologies. Moreover, Google Cloud’s AI capabilities will play a key role in revitalizing’s global loyalty program, enabling personalized rewards and promotions for individuals and their families.

Ortuzar emphasized Puma’s focus on family-oriented experiences and the use of AI-driven loyalty systems to cater to customer needs effectively. By eliminating data silos and streamlining technology with Google Cloud, Puma employees can now explore innovative applications of AI and other technologies to foster stronger relationships with customers.