Integrating AUv3 plugins into your macOS DAW with SideRack

NovoNotes Unveils Revolutionary SideRack Plugin for Mac DAWs

NovoNotes has recently introduced an innovative plugin called SideRack, which allows users to access and utilize audio plugins from iPads/iPhones within a Mac Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This groundbreaking plugin, SideRack, bridges the gap between mobile device functionality and professional music production environments.

SideRack serves as a seamless integration tool for the AUv3 plugin ecosystem and touch interface experience found on mobile devices. It enables users to enhance their music production workflow by incorporating the unique features of iOS audio plugins directly into their Mac DAW.

The SideRack plugin consists of two key components: the ‘SideRack Plugin’ for macOS, which is used within the DAW, and the ‘SideRack Server,’ which operates on the mobile device. By connecting the SideRack Plugin to the SideRack Server via a USB cable, audio and MIDI signals can be efficiently transmitted and processed within the professional music production environment.

For a limited time, the SideRack plugin for macOS (VST3/AU) is available at the special launch price of USD, discounted from its regular price of USD. This offer presents a valuable opportunity for music producers and enthusiasts to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology at a discounted rate.

To learn more about SideRack and NovoNotes, visit their official website at NovoNotes. Unlock new possibilities in music production with the SideRack plugin’s innovative capabilities and seamless integration of iOS audio plugins into your Mac DAW.