Jeff Kauffman: Decentralized Social Marketing Will Be Changed

Kauffman has praised two well-running brands – Coinbase and 9dcc, a fashion brand started by G-Money. 9dcc serves as a great example of a brand that truly understands the offline, online, and on-chain experiences of both the brand and the customers. However, let’s start with Coinbase. They have done something remarkable as a publicly traded company by releasing their earnings report as a free NFT collectible. Anyone can mint it, and then those who receive it can get discounts in their merch store and exclusive perks, such as access to limited edition hats only available to those who created their earnings report.

This demonstrates the connection between offline, online, and on-chain. The offline aspect is the merchandise (physical goods), the online aspect is the shopping experience of purchasing or obtaining goods, and the on-chain element is creating the earnings report on the blockchain. And in the on-chain element, what’s important is that brands are putting their story on the chain.