MoveMic wireless microphone system now available from Shure.

Shure recently introduced the Shure MoveMic, a new wireless lavalier microphone system designed to deliver single or dual-channel audio directly to a smartphone or other devices. The MoveMic features an ultra-compact design, with the all-in-one mic and transmitter unit being incredibly small and discreet, perfect for hiding within clothing during use. The lavalier transmitter is also IPX4 rated, ensuring durability against spills and splashes during outdoor recordings.

The system offers two configurations: the MoveMic One for single-channel audio and the MoveMic Two for dual-channel audio. Both options connect to smartphones via Bluetooth and the Shure MOTIV audio and video apps, eliminating the need for a separate receiver unit. However, if desired, users can opt to add a receiver unit for use with video cameras or audio recorders.

Shure claims the MoveMic system has an operating range of up to 98.4 feet and offers up to 11 hours of continuous operation on a single charge, with additional recharge options provided by the charging case. The MOTIV app allows for easy configuration of audio settings and the ability to record or live stream content directly from the app.

The modular nature of the Shure MoveMic system allows for scalability, starting with a single microphone and expanding as needed by adding additional units or a receiver. Priced at 9 for the MoveMic One and 9 for the MoveMic Two, with the option to add a receiver for 9 or purchase the MoveMic Two Receiver Kit for 9, the system offers an attractive solution for content creators using smartphones or cameras.