New ID.7 Offers Impressive Speed and Electric Range

Volkswagen is doubling down on electrification, with the ID.7 taking the lead as the flagship halo car to showcase the brand’s advancements in electric technology. The ID.7 now comes with four new siblings – the ID.7 GTX, GTX Tourer, Pro S, and Tourer Pro S, all equipped with an 86kWh battery for a powerful performance.

The GTX and GTX Tourer models are now the most powerful electric vehicles in Volkswagen’s lineup, boasting a 0 to 62mph sprint time of just 5.4 seconds thanks to 340PS of electrified power and all-wheel drive. Despite the dual motors on both models, Volkswagen promises an impressive range of 595km for the GTX and 585km for the GTX Tourer station wagon.

When it comes to charging, both the GTX and GTX Tourer feature 200kW fast charging capability, allowing for a quick top-up from 10 to 80 per cent in under half an hour. The GTX Tourer, although slightly slower in acceleration at 5.5 seconds to 62mph, offers increased practicality with 605 litres of boot space compared to the GTX’s 532 litres.

The interior of the GTX and GTX Tourer is a luxurious space, including 20-inch Skagen alloy wheels, illuminated VW logos, a cyberpunk LED light matrix, ambient lighting, an AR heads-up display unit, and a ChatGPT-capable voice assistant. The updated Pro S and Tourer Pro S models now come with an 86kWh battery, offering an impressive range of 709km for the Pro S and 690km for the Tourer Pro S, placing them in direct competition with combustion engine models for range.

In conclusion, Volkswagen has expanded its ID.7 family to cover all bases, whether you’re looking for high performance or prioritizing range in an electric vehicle.