New Rewards Platform Launched by Wallet Factory to Improve Customer Loyalty and Drive Sales

Wallet Factory, a prominent embedded fintech and wallet-as-a-service provider, unveiled its new Rewards Platform to enhance customer loyalty strategies in various industries. The platform, based on a Rewards-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, aims to boost customer engagement, retention, and spending by offering personalized loyalty and rewards programs to businesses in finance, retail, and beyond.

Setting itself apart from generic loyalty software, the Rewards Platform features sophisticated options that cater to the unique needs of businesses. Two key program types include the Coalition Loyalty program, which allows businesses to launch a single loyalty program with personalized rewards across multiple merchant partners, and the Multi-Tenant Loyalty option for managing separate rewards initiatives from one central location.

Built on Wallet Factory’s proprietary Multi-Level Segmentation engine, brands can define rewards criteria tailored to specific customer segments based on demographics, behaviors, and other dimensions. The flexible cloud-based platform enables companies to set up and manage coalition and multi-tenant programs easily, with advanced segmentation capabilities to target customers effectively based on various parameters.

According to Wallet Factory CEO Mikhail Miro, the company’s mission is to help enterprises cultivate stronger brand loyalty through uniquely tailored rewards that resonate with customers. The platform’s seamless delivery of personalized rewards is expected to drive engagement, increase lifetime value, and foster advocacy among customers, resulting in a compelling return on investment.

Delivered under the RaaS model, the Rewards Platform integrates tools for insights, multi-channel communications, promotions, and gamification. Wallet Factory also offers expert professional services to ensure smooth setup and ongoing optimization of the platform.

As part of its strategic expansion into high-growth markets, Wallet Factory is actively seeking partnership opportunities in the GCC region. Inna Pushkarenko, VP of Business Development, invites discussions with banks, merchants, telcos, and other businesses looking for innovative loyalty solutions tailored to local markets.

Wallet Factory, founded in 2016, is an award-winning embedded fintech company trusted by global enterprises to provide secure digital wallets and payment solutions. To learn more about Wallet Factory and its products, visit their website.

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