New sound platforms for mobile devices introduced by Qualcomm

Qualcomm recently launched the S3 Gen 3 and S5 Gen 3 sound platforms for mobile devices, offering enhanced wireless audio options and performance. The S3 Gen 3 features Snapdragon Sound, dual-mode Bluetooth, 3rd generation Adaptive ANC, and aptX Lossless audio transmission. It also includes Qualcomm cVc ECNS with AI for improved voice input processing.

The S5 Gen 3 platform boasts a main and low-latency DSP module, along with a dedicated machine learning unit, offering twice the processing power, 1.5 times the memory, and 50 times the machine learning capability compared to the previous generation. Additionally, it incorporates 4th generation ANC processing from the S7 platform.

Both platforms provide opportunities for manufacturers to customize performance using the Qualcomm Voice & Music Program and the dedicated machine learning module. The S5 Gen 3 also includes dedicated cores for hearing-aid and hearable-specific tasks, as well as support for Bluetooth Auracast for user-friendly LE Audio functions.

The Qualcomm Voice & Music Program allows developers access to modules from 50 member companies, enabling easy integration of off-the-shelf modules for added features such as ANC or transparency modes. The S3 Gen 3 and S5 Gen 3 silicon chips are now in production and expected to be available in phones in 2024, promising exciting adoption opportunities in the year ahead.