‘New Stablecoin from Fantom Backed by Circle and Wormhole’

Fantom Announces Launch of USDC.e Stablecoin Backed by Circle and Wormhole

Fantom, a blockchain platform, is set to introduce a new stablecoin called USDC.e, which will be backed by Circle and Wormhole. This move is expected to offer various advantages to both users and developers within the ecosystem.

The announcement was made by Fantom Foundation on April 4 through their official channel X (formerly Twitter). According to the foundation, the USDC.e stablecoin will be officially launched on April 5 with the support of industry giants Circle and Wormhole.

With this new stablecoin, Fantom aims to provide a reliable and secure digital asset that is pegged to the US dollar. By collaborating with established players like Circle and Wormhole, Fantom is looking to enhance liquidity and stability within its ecosystem, making it more attractive to users and developers alike.

The introduction of USDC.e is expected to open up new opportunities for decentralized finance (DeFi) projects on the Fantom platform, as well as streamline transactions and improve overall user experience. This move reaffirms Fantom’s commitment to driving innovation and growth within the blockchain industry.