‘New Windows 11 Enterprise upgrades incorporate enhancements for Windows Autopatch and additional features’

Microsoft has released a new feature update for Windows 11, catering to both consumer PC owners and Windows 11 Enterprise users. While the consumer update includes some features for enterprise users, Microsoft has introduced additional enhancements specifically for them.

The main highlight of the Windows 11 Enterprise update is the improvement to Windows Autopatch. This feature now offers the ability to import Update rings for Windows 10 and later, customer-defined service outcomes, and improved data refresh speed and reporting accuracy.

Moreover, Microsoft is merging Windows Autopatch with Windows Update for Business to streamline the updating process for businesses and organizations. This unified service will now cover updates for Windows 11 Enterprise, Microsoft 365 apps, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Edge.

In addition to these updates, Microsoft is rolling out new features for its Windows 365 cloud-based PC desktop services. The introduction of Windows 365 Boot mode allows users to sign into their cloud PC account using passwordless authentication. The company has also improved account switching between a cloud PC and a local PC, providing a faster and more intuitive experience.

For more information on these Windows 365 features, users can refer to a separate blog post provided by Microsoft. These enhancements aim to improve the overall user experience and productivity for both consumer and enterprise users of Windows 11.