Partnering with Zendit and PagaPhone, SharedFi Announces New Features for Mobile Top-ups and eSIMs

WaveMAX Corporation, the innovator behind the world’s first shared WiFi network, has announced the relaunch of its SharedFi mobile app. This updated app allows users to share and monetize any password-protected WiFi, including homespots and mobile hotspots, in a revenue-sharing business model with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and other partners.

As part of this initiative, WaveMAX will incorporate Zendit functionality into the app. This feature enables users to apply revenue sharing to receive mobile top-ups and eSIM (embedded Subscriber Identity Module) from Zendit, a cloud-based prepaid-as-a-service business owned by IDT Corporation.

PagaPhone, a fintech and MVNO based in Mexico, will be the first partner to collaborate with WaveMAX. This partnership aims to create synergies with PagaPhone subscribers.

WaveMAX’s SharedFi patented technology allows for a shared network of WiFi access points and small cells. Users who opt in can access this shared network and may be targeted with location-based advertising. They also have the option to pay for an ad-free subscription service or have the service included in their data plan. Owners of WiFi access points and MNO/MVNO partners receive a share of the revenue generated from ads, subscriptions, mobile top-ups, and eSIMs.

Emilio del Rio, President of IDT Digital Payments, highlighted the potential of the partnership with WaveMAX, stating, “With the Zendit platform, WaveMAX will be able to offer prepaid offerings from a global digital catalog, enabling users to access a variety of goods and services seamlessly.”

Ulises Téllez, President and CEO of PagaPhone, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the benefits it will bring to subscribers in Mexico. PagaPhone aims to create a more inclusive financial and telecommunications ecosystem through this collaboration.

Eduardo Velasco, CEO of WaveMAX, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership with PagaPhone and the addition of mobile top-ups and eSIM functionality through the Zendit Platform. This move solidifies their business model and enhances their partnership with MVNOs like PagaPhone.

WaveMAX Corporation is a WiFi-5G sharing company that leverages patented technology to create an ecosystem that monetizes mobile interactions among Telcos, Retailers, Providers, Apps, and Users. The company’s ecosystem is expanding worldwide, fostering new synergies and network effects.

IDT Corporation, a global provider of fintech, cloud communications, and traditional communication services, facilitates international connections for families and enables businesses to transact and communicate with customers more effectively.

PagaPhone, part of PagaCel, is a Mexican FinTelco that offers financial and mobile services, remittances, and innovative products to promote financial inclusion in Mexico and abroad. Through PagaPhone SmartPay, Orange My Mobile, and Cloud Transfer Services, PagaCel aims to provide better opportunities and inclusion for its users.

In conclusion, the partnership between WaveMAX, PagaPhone, and IDT Corporation marks a significant step towards enhancing digital financial services and telecommunications in Mexico and beyond.