Potential Housing Development Planned for Willow Glen in San Jose

A vacant lot next to the Guadalupe River in San Jose’s popular Willow Glen district may soon see the construction of a new apartment building. Berkeley-based Resources for Community Development, a specialist in affordable housing, has proposed a 91-unit housing development at 520 West Alma Avenue.

The project site, totaling 0.6 acres, is currently owned by Lisa Blickenstaff of Irvine, according to documents from the Santa Clara County Assessor’s Office. The proposed development would be located adjacent to the river, offering a unique and desirable location for residents.

Resources for Community Development has a history of purchasing potential development sites, with a recent acquisition of a property at 797 South Almaden Avenue in 2021 for the development of 99 affordable apartments. At 520 West Alma, the firm is utilizing provisions of SB 330 to streamline the city approval process.

With a mission to provide safe, quality, and affordable housing for low-income individuals and families in the Bay Area, Resources for Community Development has been serving the community for over 40 years since its founding in 1984.

The proposed development aligns with the organization’s commitment to creating sustainable housing solutions in the region. This project signifies a significant step towards addressing the growing demand for affordable housing in San Jose’s thriving Willow Glen district.