Preparedness for Weather Flu by MOl

The Ministry of Interior is fully prepared to handle the ongoing weather fluctuations, as confirmed by the Supreme Committee for Internal Security. Under the leadership of the Undersecretary of the Ministry, meetings are being held with police chiefs and relevant sectors to ensure coordination with the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority and other strategic partners.

All proactive measures within their jurisdiction have been implemented, including the readiness of all plans and business continuity strategies. The committee is constantly monitoring the evolving weather conditions and making decisions accordingly. It is crucial for the public to adhere to instructions and warnings issued by the authorities in response to the current weather fluctuations, as highlighted in a recent media briefing.

The Ministry is emphasizing the importance of being prepared and staying informed during these weather fluctuations. With their high level of readiness and ongoing efforts, they are working to ensure the safety and security of the public during any adverse weather conditions.