Probiotics for managing stress

Bio-K Plus, a subsidiary of Kerry Company, has recently unveiled its latest innovative product – the Extra Stress Support with Sensoril® drinkable probiotic. This new formula aims to provide science-backed wellness solutions to meet the changing needs of consumers’ busy lifestyles.

The Extra Stress Support with Sensoril® combines Bio-K+’s patented probiotic blend for digestive health with Sensoril®, a premium ashwagandha extract known for its stress management and emotional well-being benefits. The unique combination of Sensoril®’s ashwagandha plant extracts helps the body cope with daily stress by reducing cortisol levels and alleviating occasional sleeplessness.

Building on the success of their 2021 Extra Probiotic Drinkables range, which focused on immune health and cognition benefits, the Stress Support formula packs a punch with 80 billion CFU of Bio-K+’s probiotic blend. This powerful formula is crafted with a protein base of fermented oats and pumpkin seeds along with Sensoril® ashwagandha.

The drinkable probiotic is flavored with a refreshing blend of lemon and ginger, making it taste like a nutritious smoothie. Not only is the formula delicious, but it is also suitable for a variety of dietary preferences – vegan, gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO Project verified.

Viviane Lemire, Marketing Director of Bio-K+ Plus, expressed excitement about expanding the brand’s product offerings in the thriving Functional Beverages Category. With a growing interest in healthy lifestyles and well-being, the Extra Stress Support with Sensoril® is set to cater to consumers looking for effective and convenient wellness solutions.

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